There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has affected the hotel industry negatively. Unfortunately, whether we’d like to admit it or not, there’s always a catastrophic event that changes the course of the world’s economy. These events tend to happen after a few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic is one of them.

From flights being grounded, high unemployment, to global travel restrictions; most hotels are closing shop to mitigate their losses. But a few hotels are turning to hotel operations software to create new opportunities for their companies. Thankfully, companies that can adapt quickly during such ordeals witness high returns, the others continue sinking with each passing day.

Software integration in hotels is exploding right now

Every hotel is trying to curb the spread of COVID-19 by reducing its workforce. That’s where such companies turn to project management, team communications, and, most importantly, software collaborations. That has led to incredible success stories in the software industry.

Software, such as Zoom or Slack, enables collaborations with partners cross-functionally and also remotely. With the rise in unemployment, the remaining workers have to be more effective than before. Since most businesses are going full-time remotely, these companies are trying their best to ensure that services are delivered to their customers consistently.

Why Hotels look to Hotelogix to do more with less

Social distancing is a massive driver of the adoption of software integration since organizations can now continue with specific projects without necessarily meeting face to face. And that’s where Hotelogix comes in. With Hotelogix, hotel employees can now work without direct interactions, and that’s not all! Hotelogix brings cohesion between the employees and also with the rest of the management.

Think of a case where the VIP Guests come to the hotel earlier than expected. Their rooms need to be prioritized in terms of cleaning. They also have to communicate back to the front desk. Through Hotelogix, all this is possible within the mobile PMS.

More importantly, with the help of Hotelogix, they can now become more efficient in the shortest time possible. And to top it all up, the centralized reservations and centralized reporting that’s done instantly on this system makes it easy for both the guest and employees to plan ahead.

Hotel softwareHow Hotels are using Hotelogix to maximize efficiency

Kokotel Hotels, a Thailand based boutique hotel management group,  started with one hotel that had just 40 rooms and a café in the heart of Bangkok. In the beginning, the company incorporated an on-premise PMS, which was quite effective. However, they started witnessing a lot of challenges as they expanded their business.

One of the biggest problems was the on-premise PMS was becoming too expensive to maintain. Another issue was it was a tedious process to deploy multiple on-premise PMS to different properties and well as integrating with with their Point of Sales,Channel manager, Booking engine, Account system and reputation management system. And that’s where the company switched their systems to Hotelogix.

Hotelogix PMS enabled Kokotel to expand without any hindrance in its scalability. The system allowed real-time connectivity, and the all-in-one integration made it easy to manage. What’s more, Hotelogix also supports integration with other third-party systems such as POS system, Accounting and channel manager, among others. Therefore, the company could now add a few extra features to their system to make them even more efficient.

Being an Enterprise hotel, Kokotel demanded an Enterprise-PMS, and Hotelogix could provide such services to the company.


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