Understanding Artificial Intelligence for The Everyday Hotelier

Artificial intelligence sounds like a futuristic idea, but the truth is it’s a technology that’s present today. What’s more, AI is a technological advancement that you can’t simply ignore. That said, understanding how AI is beneficial to your Hotel business could potentially place you ahead of your competition.

As hoteliers, what is the significance of AI?

Artificial intelligence and also machine learning typically deal with the ability of a computer to process extensive data over a short time and take action. In most cases, this happens to help save on time and energy that would otherwise be used to calculate the data. What’s more, after the computer process similar data over and over again, it learns. Therefore, the machine will adjust any future outputs based on past data.

Without a doubt, several revenue management tools are automated and utilize business rules to reach a decision. However, real RMSs tools, for instance, Buddy, use AI, and machine learning to process vast volumes of data in your hotel. It could be web-search traffic, outside data sources, internal data searches, or guest reviews.

More importantly, the system applies AI functionality to make the right recommendations or even forecast the next decision. Such systems use the available data to generate decisions then learn from the results hence giving you the recommended decision over and over again.

AI Software and Small Hotels with Chains

Unfortunately, most small hotel managers believe that they can’t utilize the full benefits of AI software as much as the larger enterprises. But the truth is; data will level the playing field. So, no matter the size of your hotel, your company will still need AI software to effectively make informed decisions that could affect your business’s future.

Through cloud technology, hotel suppliers will have the chance to collect data from several hotels and create statistical decisions to reapply to individual customers. What’s more, with AI, your small business can leverage the technology and finally compete with larger corporations.

Automation is saving Hotel Managers Resources and Time

Using AI and machine learning makes it easy to operate your company. To be more specific, automation should translate into operational efficiency. That’s because, through automation, your computers will complete some of the repetitive tasks that staff members typically do, for instance, front desk check-ins and auto room assignments based on preference.

What’s more, hotel managers are now more accountable, and they can also keep their eyes on the company. Automation also smoothens the process from a guest’s point of view hence enhancing their experiences. In the end, that’s a win-win on both fronts.

AI for HotelsBefore you go

As you can see, AI is a useful tool in the hotel industry, and it doesn’t matter the size of your company. What’s more, with the right AI and Machine learning, your sales will effectively increase, and so will your efficiency. That’s where Buddy comes in. Buddy is a revenue management tool powered by AI, and it’s designed for revenue managers.

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