Why Travel Brands Should Adopt Facebook’s New Ad Strategy

Facebook has recently launched a new ad strategy that will enable players in the travel and hospitality industry advertise their destinations and deals more strategically. This will enable them target their market audience earlier in their planning stage.

The strategy is based on the fact that there are so many regular travelers that are yet to take a decision on their next trip. Of course, they are sure that they will go on the trip but they are yet to decide on the travel location and other related reservations.

The new option is known as “Trip Consideration”. It is meant for advertisers to target people who have indicated interest to go on a vacation but are yet to decide when to go and where to go. This new strategy, known as retargeting is based on the data Facebook has been able to harvest in the course of its monitoring of Users’ general behavior all over the internet.

As an example of the type of people that Facebook has in mind with this new initiative, it mentioned a student or any individual who browses travel-related pages. Anyone who checks through certain travel-related pages for a considerable amount of time has shown enough intent to travel. So, Facebook expects relevant brands to catch him before he takes any decision on his trip.

Such a person can easily be converted when ads on hotel deals, flight offers, and even packaged tours are sent to him. These ads will help him take certain decisions on his impending trip.

One interesting thing about trip consideration is the fact that it works on both Instagram and Facebook platforms and it also works on the service’s Audience Network. According to the results of its findings, Facebook stated that about 68 percent of youths found travel inspiration for their last vacation on Facebook while those that found theirs on Instagram are only 8 percent lower.

NYC & Company is among the first few companies to adopt trip consideration and they found the result encouraging. According to the managing director of brand marketing for NYC & Company, trip consideration has been used just once by his company and the result is quite impressive.

He stated further that with the solution, his company was able to deliver 61 percent more video views and 58 percent more clicks on their links and 29 percent increase in cost-per-click efficiency. In fact, he feels that this is their best Facebook Marketing campaign.

As you would expect, he made it clear that the company will definitely use trip consideration for future campaigns.

Due to this testimony, a lot of other organizations will definitely continue to use trip consideration. The best time for any company to use the strategy is now because only very people companies are aware of it now. When others join the bandwagon, its efficiency may drop.

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