One major factor that continues to influence the decisions and approach by travel industries and hotels on the management of reservation systems is the search for sustainable system personalization. As the central reservation system (CRS) continues to grow popular and bigger, the ability to perform certain task becomes a primary concern for hoteliers and travel industries.

Accordingly, in response to the situation, the information technology vendors and hotels must work hand in hand to fulfil the requirements. The primary drive for innovation and change in any sector is a function of discontentment with the central reservation system. Service providers in this field should understand the disparities in market demand structure and the chain requirements of hotels to help remedy the situation.

For instance, the chain layout for many hotels is neglecting more than 25% of the necessary central reservation system services, about half of these chain service are missing out an essential feature for the central reservation system. Even at that, hotel chains keep neglecting about 30% of the overall functionality offered by CRS.

What this signifies is that many reservation systems still fail to offer direct bookings which are an essential part of the service provided. Although the hoteliers and travel industries can detect these shortcomings. However, they are unable to remedy the situation by specifying the exact line of improvement as a result of insufficient Information from technology experts.

According to reports from over 50% of hoteliers and travel industries, one of the prominent missing requirements of CRS is packaging and discounted functionalities in real time. This is followed by continuous integration with other existing partners and system like the tour operators.

Although the need for integrating with CRM (Customer relationship management) is on the high line, the integration of third-party partner channels and systems will certainly pose a threat for chains of hotels. Independent vendors like the online booking engines with functionally integrated customer relationship management are now gaining access to the sector as most second hotel chains are working without customer reservation management.

Effect of Direct Bookings

Direct bookings online also need much attention regarding improvement. Many hotel chains lack the speed and technique required to carry out the online booking system. On a global scale of hotel chains, OTA (Online travel agent) bookings account for over 25% of the overall revenue.

Another way out is to set up a solution with applications like PMS and CRS to simultaneously run on the same system. Though it is yet to become fully available. Eventually, the desired result for every hotel’s customer reservation system solution will depend on the awareness of missing function. With this knowledge, IT providers and hoteliers need to underline the basic requirements of a perfect reservation system solution.

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