Tripadvisor Plus Subscription Model; the next big game-changer in the travel industry?

The way things stand at the moment, travel brands are undergoing an unpredictable recovery phase. Therefore, this period is a crucial time for Tripadvisor and most other travel brands across the world. And that is why every brand is going out of its way to developing the best recovery strategy while reexamining its business model.

For the longest time, Tripadvisor was contemplating introducing a loyalty program that would increase engagement from its members. And now, this Plus initiative is going to be a part of its recovery strategy in 2021. Tripadvisor Plus is a whole new way for hotels and partners to reach the best travellers across the world.

Essentially, the initiative is a subscription-based program where travellers will signup for an annual membership fee of $99. However, it’s free for the accommodation suppliers to join the program. The program presents the travellers with discounts and perks that are exclusively available to the plus members.

Without a doubt, this program is the most high-profile program introduced in the travel sector. In fact, we can safely say that it might be the next big game-changer in the travel industry. So, will this Plus model be the new way for hotels to reach their loyal guests? Read on to find out!


Why Should Hotel Partners Participate in This Plus Program?

In most countries, travel restrictions are still in place—however, the speedy vaccination programs are shinning some light at the end of the tunnel. There is a prospect of a sustained recovery in the travel industry, and that means hotels need to take action now to maximize this demand.

The innovative Plus program on Tripadvisor opens up hoteliers to a host of benefits that will help the hotels to attract ready-to-book travellers. Some of these benefits include;

  • More booking, less spending; The plus program is free to join for the hotel partners. This program is essentially a less expensive way of paying for performance that will lower the third-party commissions and maximize the traveler’s value.
  • More demand and visibility; hotels that are enrolled in the plus program will get extra visibility. These hotels will be placed higher in the best value sort order with a special badging where travellers will see it first whether they are booking through the plus program or not.
  • Flexibility; the plus program gives the participating hotels better flexibility to opt-in and out of the discounting as the occupancy levels adjust from time to time. The best part I that the plus program does not demand annual commitments.
  • Engaged travellers; the plus program reaches a valuable customer segment. Research done by the trip advisor team shows that the plus program travellers tend to stay longer and spend more than the non-subscribers
  • Best Experiences for the Plus Guests; the TripAdvisor plus program helps the hotels save more and pass these third-party cost savings to their guests. That will translate to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Better Customer Relationships; the plus program also makes it possible for the hotels to market directly to their guests after their stay at their premises.

In Summary

As we have seen from the interview, the Tripadvisor plus program presents hoteliers with incredible benefits that will boost them a notch higher during this recovery stage. This loyalty program model is still in beta testing and will likely bring Tripadvisor a major revenue growth this year. If that works out soon, we will be seeing more brands embracing this loyalty program in their business models.

Source: Phocuswire


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