TripAdvisor is a very important website in the travel industry because not only it generates lots of leads for hotels all over the world but at the same time provides a great way for them to market themselves without any hassle. With this in mind, it’s critical to use the tools that this site has to offer, especially as a hotel in the travel industry.

And this is where TripAdvisor Connect comes into play. Launched at the end of 2013, this was a tool that was designed to help hotels make the most out of their advertising campaigns very fast. Aside from being a part of the business listing service, the hotels that access this service get access to a real time availability as well as professional online booking thanks to the dedicated engine.

Tripadvisor growth

According to numerous researches, it seems that around 13% of the entire researchers that focus on travel content websites are visiting TripAdvisor at least for a single time a month. And as If that was not enough, a travel purchase does seem to imply the site in one way or another, which is really interesting to say the least. Even if only 10% of the users actually purchase, the amount of persons that does so is astounding, with the numbers adding up to 42 million which is amazing to say the least.

The interesting thing here is that a person does tend to end up visiting around 12 travel websites before he/she will actually choose to book. However, those that book from TripAdvisor are visiting way less sites, around 31 of them, which means that this platform provides them with access to the desired information very fast and they do inform thoroughly before making a purchase, which is understandable.

European users do have to deal with some issues mainly because they tend to delete their cache and cookies, which means that it gets harder for sites like TripAdvisor to provide accurate information for professional use, which is understandable considering the situation.

The travel companies are trying to achieve some extraordinary click-through rates, as this allows them to measure the campaign performance and obtain the best possible outcome very fast, which is just amazing right off the bat. Branding efforts are clouded because the hotels tend to use this information inefficiently.

However, including TripAdvisor in your campaigns manages to bring in a lot better results. A study based on this was created on the ComScore website and you can check it out at if you need more information.

One thing is certain here, the industry is in full effect, and TripAdvisor is becoming more and more influential. How much more growth will TripAdvisor will actually gain in the new few years we are about to see, but the future is indeed bright!

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