Google Eliminate Fees for Hotel Booking

For years now, hoteliers have relied heavily on online marketing strategies based on Google hotel booking links. Recently, Google has made a drastic yet positive change, adding an organic list that will enable hotels to get free visibility. That will provide more interactive booking options for travellers, making Google at the top of the food chain in the metasearch space. This new upgrade helps hotels to reduce the commission costs since this section has been dominated by OTA’s (Online Travel Agents.)

Before the new update, every hotel booking link posted on was always a paid ad and ranked using the traditional bidding model. Now, every hotel, at no commission, is eligible to participate in the new ranking system using their Hotel Center Account.

Google Improvements

Even with the new Google improvements, your hotel will still need help from data sources and innovative companies such as HMS Thailand. We have a  partnership with Google to help reduce the commissions while expanding the hotel’s online presence.

And with the latest upgrade in Google’s algorithm will only empower hotel companies further. Without a doubt, working with HMS Thailand to back your online presence will increase your bookings and reduce your cost of booking.

Not all hotel company managers understand how to approach their online presence. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the lowered entry barriers on Google. Your hotel will easily increase its direct bookings and revenue within a short span with HMS Thailand.

You will also have more control over your online booking experience. Google enabled the platform, for selective partners, where hoteliers can provide direct rates, making it easier for customers to make bookings.

Google Price AddsCreate an online presence on Google

The new upgrade has only optimised the road towards success in the hotel business. That means hoteliers are now better positioned to provide information to their prospective customers who seek to travel to a specified country.

Most hotel companies have significantly participated in this new development hence improving their user experience. That helps Google rank better among its users, both the hoteliers and their future customers. Google made this change at the beginning of 2020 when it eliminated fees for referrals on Google flights.

That led to tension in metasearch engines, especially the ones that depended on flight revenue. In simple terms, you can now create an online presence on Google without having to worry about the high costs of advertisement.

Start with Google Hotel adds now

It’s time to take your hotel business to the next level, and Google has made this process less costly. With HMS Thailand, you can now take advantage of Google’s algorithm matrix and optimize your hotel for potential customers. We have all the necessary tools to ensure your hotel will always be a top-search to travellers.

That will help to drive organic traffic to your site and also boost sales. If you like to connect your hotel, kindly contact us, and we can help you grow your online presence with no commissions.

source: Phocuswire

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