How To Enhance Your Direct Booking With Facebook Advertising

Facebook is no doubt, one of the most productive advertising platforms available today. In case you do not know, Facebook advertising can be a great source of bookings, thanks to its detailed targeting options. Nevertheless, there is the need to ensure proper organisational setup. Interestingly, you can also use this means to ensure an efficient and effective cash build up system.

Before now, advertising was limited to radio, television, magazines, and newspapers as there was no existing internet connection. Most business people at that time will just have to go with any mass medium they can lay their hands on to place an ad without caring if it audience matches their guests’ profile. Obviously, it was outrightly impossible to effectively measure ROI from an advert as at that time.

But today, things are quite different. Through aggregated data and information supplied, several social media platforms like Facebook are helping users know more (if not everything) about organisations and businesses. Ranging from basic information on employment, family stays, birthdays, interests, etc. to location, demographics and other targeting criteria, modern advertisers are becoming capable of determining who, when and where their ads can be seen thereby yielding better results and returns.

Facebook Advertising

Why some aren’t benefiting from Facebook advertising

The use of a ‘boosted’ post is basically the most prevalent factor behind the failure or actualisation of unsuccessful advertising campaigns on Facebook. Unfortunately, this is the easiest and simplest way to advertise on the platform. Simply put, a boosted post is the most basic form of advertising on Facebook. Interestingly, it offers an incredible ROI without employing the awesome targeting options that make the platform so unique. Consider placing a Facebook ad without targeting like positioning a billboard by the roadside and expecting customers to view it.

 How to set up a basic Facebook campaign

First and foremost, it is good to understand your guests’ profile or “buyer persona” before setting up a campaign. You can learn more about your prospective guests’ family, employment, location, interests, age, and so on by making use of the information obtained from your website analytics, survey results, channel manager, and property management system. Then create and organize your campaign goal based on the obtained information. Remember to create something appealing to your audience.

With these aforementioned procedures, you can start organising your ad on Facebook. For this platform, you’ll need to set up a Facebook Ad Manager account.

Select your campaign objective

Depending on your marketing goal, you’ll need to choose your campaign objective. Whether you are looking to create brand awareness, boost traffic to your site or obtain more likes on your Facebook page, you will surely need to set up your campaign objective.

 Build an audience

Regardless of the ad you are publishing, you will surely need to create your audience by selecting matching data for your audience on the platform. This will give you an insight to the people you want to reach and the results you expect to achieve.

 Place your ad

An automatic placement option can be provided for you on Facebook. However, it’s best to edit how you want your ad to be displayed.

 Set your budget

It is best to start small when choosing your budget and then increase it gradually once the campaign becomes successful.

 Design your ad

There are lots of tested formats of pre-designed ads on Facebook. So, ensure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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  • Philippe BASSETTI

    Hello we are looking for someone helping us to continue to promote our villas via FB AD. using our personnal business manager .

    Best Regards,

    Philippe B.

    • Bas van Straten

      Dear Philippe,

      Thank you for your comment, apologize for the delay in responding. I will ask some of our staff to reach out to you. We have different sources that can assist you with Facebook marketing/ Adds.

      Hms Thailand

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