Guerrilla Marketing to fight the OTA?

In 2023, online travel agencies (OTAs) witnessed a surge in marketing expenditures, indicative of the fierce competition to secure bookings amidst the lingering effects of the pandemic. Expedia [...]


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Hotel Website Conversion Rates

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Facebook Advertising how to start?

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Google Search Engine Dominance

How Google Takes Undue Advantage Of Its Search Engine Dominance Google was recently hit with a whopping 2.42 billion fine by the European Commission for taking undue advantage of its dominant [...]


4 tips to keep OTA guests coming back

Hotels will often allow themselves to become overly dependent on OTAs (also known as online travel agencies) to make their living and when this addiction starts to take place, hotels are left to [...]


How to maintain direct bookings?

Booking.com’s Hunger to become the worlds largest in hotel reservation website is continue to take a next step. During the past years, Booking.com (Priceline) acquired several companies for [...]


Strategy 2016: Improve Direct bookings

For a very long time, people in the hotel industry have talked about the idea of better educating people when it comes to the rates, what they mean and what exactly they stand for. And since [...]