There was a 1.7 percent increase in international visits to Thailand from January to March. This was reported by the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand. The international visits are estimated at 9.19 million which is more than the visits last year.

This data was gathered from the number of international passports that pass through the sea, air, and land international checkpoints. According to the permanent secretary to the ministry of tourism and sports, the country’s main source market that assisted in improving their tourism in the first three months of the year is Malaysia, Russia, and Chinese market.

They recorded 2.1 percent visits which translate to 3.007, 833 in March only as opposed to the 2, 948, 690 visit recorded in March the previous year. Regionally all the markets recorded increase in visits except Africa, the Oceania, and East Asia.

Thailand Tourism Arrivals

Here are the highlights;

  • Europe had an increase of 3.85 percent from 632, 223 to 656, 554 visits. The markets that showed visible improvements were the Netherlands +1.25 percent, Russia +43.76 percent, Finland +8.05 percent, France +4.23 percent, and East Europe with +22.73 percent.
  • South Asia had an increase of 14.47 percent from 117, 557 to 134, 564 visits. The markets that showed improvements were Bangladesh +31. 48%, Nepal +28.36%, Pakistan +29.82%, India is led with 103, 634 visits to make 14.22% and finally Sri Lanka -22.68%.
  • The Middle East had the highest increase with 25.41% from 60, 400 to 75, 747 visits. And Israel was up there with one of the highest recorded increase which displayed the highest arrivals of 33.78% from 14, 134 to 10, 565 visits. Egypt had +1.71% of 2,138 visits, Kuwait had +13, 69% of 4, 226 visits, United Arab Emirates had +22.36% of 13, 809 visits and Saudi Arabia with a +25.71% of 2,425 visits.
  • America recorded an increase of 11.51% from 130, 112 to 145, 085 visits. They recorded more arrivals than others, which means they have the highest arrivals of with 11.51% from 130,112 to 145, 085 visits. Argentina +54.83% of 9, 762 visits, Brazil +97.30% of 8, 981 visits, Canada +1.17% of 25, 40 visit.
  • A few markets showed a decline markets like Africa, East Asia, and the Oceania here they are;
  • Africa recorded a decrease of 5.95% from 14, 998 to 14, 105 visits. South Africa which is the main Africa market witnesses a crash of 13.33% from 7,170 to 6, 1214 in visits.
  • East Africa including the ASEAN also recorded decrease of 0.45% from 1,922, 203 to 1,913, 482 visits. Malaysia -4.97%, china -7.85% and Honk Kong -19.92%.
  • Oceania had a decrease of 4.07% from 71,197 to 68,296 visits. New Zealand 1.05% and Australia 46.2%.
  • Some markets that also recorded a decrease include; Germany-1.56%, Denmark -20.42%, UK -13.21%, Austria -4.09%, Switzerland -15.69%, Belgium -10.27%, Sweden -7.65% and Italy -4.67%.

Down south of Thailand, the Island of Phuket, hotels have felt the slow down in demand as occupancies levels dropped a little or, for some, remain stable. There is a certain drop in ADR as well, where hotels try to drive demand by reducing their prices. Phuket remains a very competitive market place where these market changes, such as arrivals are quickly felt in the volatility in the rates published online. The drop in arrivals from UK, which seems mainly fuelled by Brexit, will require a different approach then lowering rates for the global market. Hoteliers need to save guard their asset, (room rates) by implementing smart marketing techniques, as well as appointing a revenue manager to protect them for making such decisions in an uncontrolled matter.

Source: TTR Weekly

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