When will we fly Again?

The Fate of Thailand International Flights After being locked down for months on end, most people are itching to travel overseas. However, according to the senior director of civilian aviation in [...]

Tourism arrivals Thailand Q1 2017

There was a 1.7 percent increase in international visits to Thailand from January to March. This was reported by the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand. The international visits are [...]

Phuket Hotels Market 2017

With over 7.5million airport arrivals to Phuket, there was a 5% increase in the year-on-year growth rate, in 2016, moving to 18% from the previous year’s 13%. This increase is principally [...]

Phuket growth continuos

The Phuket Hotel Market is booming. Record highs in tourism are pushing growth considerably throughout 2016. So far more than 1.4-million passengers have come to the area from 31 different cities [...]