When it comes to the travel and hospitality, there are several ways through which conversion rate can be boosted on your Hotel website and these ways have been outlined here. Most importantly, you need to ensure that your prices are competitive enough because price is a powerful driving force. Most guests will definitely go for the hotel with the lowest prices so it is important that you carry out a market survey regularly.

You need to know what your competitors offer at all time. That is the only way to remain competitive. Remember, most guests and travelers compare prices thoroughly before making a choice. Apart from rate and market parity, other ways to increase your conversion rate are as follows.

Quality of website and user experience

While quality of website and user experience may seem like two different things, they are almost the same thing. The major yardstick for quality of website is the level of user experience it offers. The point is that a lot of travelers assess a brand with the quality of their website. They believe that if your website has a low quality, it is very likely that your services will be low in quality too. Unfortunately, this is not so true. So, it is important that you work on the quality of your website.

You also need to improve user experience on your website. Since technology advances regularly, it is advisable you revamp and redesign your website every 2 years. Your website should be mobile-friendly as about 93 percent of internet users access it through mobile devices.

You need to include applications like Google MAP, merchandising applications, reservation abandonment applications, and even chatbots that will respond to customers’ enquiries instantly. Nothing impresses customers like getting an instant response to their enquiries.

Increase your download speed

Naturally, humans are impatient so, they find slow websites quite annoying. This is why the download speed of a website affects its conversion rate. Chances are high that a visitor will pass your website after a 3-second delay in its loading. In fact, Google once reported that up to 53 percent of visits to websites are abandoned if it takes the websites longer than 3 seconds to load completely.

Quality of the booking engine matters

Since a weak booking engine also reduces conversion rates especially if it is coupled with poor product presentation, you should continuously improve the quality of  the Booking Engine.

Enticing promotions

How often do you give promotional offers? You need to do this more often and it should be better than what your competitors offer. Regular promotions will increase your conversion.

Reservation abandonment technology

Every hotel encounters a lot of reservation abandonments as less than 2 percent of reservations are completed. You need to adopt a strategy that can attract customers back to their abandoned reservation on your site. However, some travelers believe that the best way to handle reservation abandonment is through competitive deals. This is because the major reason for reservation abandonment is getting a better deal elsewhere after initiating reservation on a website.

Dynamic personalization

You will increase your conversation rate tremendously if your website personalizes its content. Visitors feel special when the content of a website is tailored towards them.

Reward loyal customers

It is important to recognize your old customers and reward them for their loyalty. The reward can come in form of special discounts. This will motivate the customers to remain loyal to your brand.

Before applying the strategies above, it is necessary to assess the quality of your website and its current rate of conversion. Remember, the website is no longer just an information platform. It is now also a marketing tool.

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