The Fate of Thailand International Flights

After being locked down for months on end, most people are itching to travel overseas. However, according to the senior director of civilian aviation in Thailand, there is a chance international flights may not reopen until September. All in all, domestic flights have resumed, but getting back to the standard volume will be quite a hassle. In fact, there is a possibility things will not go back to normal until October 2021.

As for international flights, the reopening will mostly depend on how quickly a viable vaccine or antiviral drug will be released. New safety strategies have, however, been put in place with the airlines and aviation agencies to ensure the safety of travelers. While carrier seats no longer need to be left empty, passengers still need to wear face masks throughout their journey.

In the coming days, stringent measures put in place for international travels may lessen, and the government may waive the 14-day quarantine period. However, as pressing as the urge might be, still, the larger population seems reluctant to international travels. The majority of people are prioritizing local travel. That’s because besides being are more accessible and cheaper, domestic airlines are safer.

That said, here are some of the reasons why people may still not book any international flights even after the full opening up of international routes.

Thailand international Arrivals5 Reasons Travelers Are Reluctant to Book International Flights

1.    The 14-Day Quarantine Period

Travelers flying overseas are imposed on a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. This 14-day period means that travelers will be holed up in their hotel rooms. Hence, unplanned additional cost on their end. That still remains to be one of the major deterrents for international travelers.

2.    Additional Requirements for Travel

Besides the usual visas and passports, countries are now requiring international travelers to have a travel pass and health certificate. Travel insurance for most travelers also needs to cover their medical costs as well. These are some of the regulations set in place to ensure travelers are fit to travel. At the same time, while this is important for the safety of the tourists, it’s not easy to get. Hence, it’s another primary reason that’s deterring people from international travel.

3.    Risk Level in the Destination

While they are many pressing needs for international travel, most of the travelers are still every observant of the level of risk in their destinations. For instance, most travelers are seemingly avoiding international flights to China, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19. Also, more people are reluctant to travel to the USA as it has the highest number of reported cases.

4.    The Increased Cost of Travel

Undeniably, the cost of travel during this period is higher than usual, especially in airlines and hotels. For instance, the fact that government directives require the middle seat to be left empty, passengers on both sides need to share the cost for it. Hence, to cover this cost, their flights are more expensive than usual.

5.    Mandatory Testing

As part of the travel regulations in some countries, international travelers need to undergo mandatory testing of COVID-19 upon arrival. That is to ensure the safety of both the travelers and the residents. However, this may lead to unplanned additional costs, which can be quite inconveniencing for the traveler.

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