There are many years now in which the hoteliers have continually used the traditional advertising techniques, but it seems that dynamic rate marketing (DRM) stands to make things even easier, since it allows any hotelier to adjust rates. The best part here is that the rates are adjusted based on the availability, demand as well as a variety of other factors. The idea is that the property pricing can be added in a wide range of marketing endeavors, from mail marketing to others such as banners for example.

dynamic pricing

Is DRM the solution?

The tourism increase has continually influenced hotels in order to shift and modify their marketing techniques in order to combine the marketing campaigns with online advertising, as well as the hotel inventory so that they can create DRM campaigns which are very efficient. The property pricing can be reflected by a wide range of marketing initiatives.

Meta search marketing

This is one of the best and largest DRM processes because it brings in a successful revenue generation. In fact, the meta search sites have managed to obtain a massive explosion in this regard, mostly thanks to the digital tech advancements and the unbiased methods used, when compared to the OTAs.

Banner ads

These bring in a high quality advertising and at the same time they also combine a multitude of traffic networks in order to generate higher ROI as well as conversion, without having to include the dynamic rates, which is a major plus in this regard.

These can also provide benefits such as text retargeting or display, because these are great marketing endeavours that supplement the promotions and messages of a hotelier the right way. In fact, to combine this with re-marketing it will allow you to keep communicating with your potential guest out there.

Mail marketing

Mail marketing allows hoteliers to share promotions via mail and these can be changed in a dynamic fashion when the customer is opening his mail box, as this will reflect any CRS or PMS changes that the property might have.

Google AdWords dynamic rates

Availability and rates are crucial and a decisive factor when it comes to a hotel, so the main game changes is the dynamic rate which is continually bringing in astounding changes.


Trip advisors trip connect is a great tool to apply dynamic rate marketing the world largest travel website. Travellers are searching continuos for the best product, with the best deal. Trip connect allows the potential guests to review the property of their choice, and next shop for the best deal. With trip connect, the hotel is able to drive more business direct, which is great for profit.

The importance of DRM

Why is DRM important? Mainly because it focuses on the value preposition that it brings to travellers. They can easily access as well as book their hotel at any given time based on simple things like availability and pricing. With these DRM initiatives the hotels are managing to raise the OTA level, which is a great thing for those persons that travel as they can book with the hotel directly and thus have a better deal, while also generating additional revenue for the hotel.

The larger hotels are adopting the DRM phenomenon and this can be seen specifically in the dynamic rate advertising and meta search level. However, the hoteliers do need a partner in order to perform this shift to DRM, especially when it comes to the medium sized hotels. This partner can be a marketing and digital tech company!

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