For those in the hotel industry,  you most likely have heard about millennials, but do you know what are they and how they influence the society right now? Let’s find out!

Millennials new the new hotel guest

What are Millennials?

Simply put, they are persons that have reached adulthood in the beginning of the 21st century. Some of the first millennials were born in 1978, so those that were born around that time can be considered millennials. In fact, those born from that date up until 2004 are considered a part of this group.


An important thing to note about them is the fact that they grew in a society filled with electronics as well as a large exposure to social networks and online activities. An interesting idea noted when studying them is that they are quite tolerant to the difference and they seem to be very confident into their own power, something that is indeed uncommon in the human society, until this human category appeared of course.

There are many other interesting characteristics which include stuff like the fact that they aren’t affiliated to any religion, not to mention that they don’t believe in politics as well. What they do want to talk about is their online activity, be it gaming or social media use, as this does govern their life quite a lot.

Quite a lot of Millennials have managed to appear in the past few years, and all of them are a milestone in the human society. We say that because without them the tech revolution couldn’t happen, not to mention that they have continually managed to provide extraordinary, exquisite experiences that both their fellows and older people alike can enjoy. It’s them that brought the tech revolution and took it to a whole new level!

How do the Millennials influence the hotel industry?

It’s nice to see that they have managed to be integrated in just about any industry and this one is no exception. In fact, it’s them that have managed to revolutionize the hotel industry as a whole!

They did that by integrating or at least suggesting the integration of technology, something that’s very important for hotels. Thanks to them, hotels now have free Wi-Fi, OTA’s, Online reviews, Social Media, Smartphones as well as cloud based PMS that helps us to manage our reservations and online booking,  as well as a multitude of other features.

In fact, this category has also managed to spruce up the necessities and demands by requesting more services, shorter booking lead time, more pictures and online video’s,  a higher quality set of beds, among many others. This lead to a much better offering from hoteliers, and now everyone can benefit from this amazing thing.

As you can see, the Millennials have changed the industry as we know it and they literally managed to take it to a new level. As they continue to age, they will still manage to improve the current offerings in the hotel world, taking the society and the hotel industry to the next level!

The question to you Hotel Marketeers out there, are you aware of this trend and are you communicating with them? They have a different life style as well as social behaviour and interaction. In order to reach this market segment you would not only have to review your product offering but also they way you communicate this.

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