Phuket needs a “Mickey”

Over-tourism in Phuket – the Role of Destination management People are coming towards Phuket (Thailand) for tourism as it is considered as the prevalent vacationer destination. Do we need [...]

Tourism arrivals Thailand Q1 2017

There was a 1.7 percent increase in international visits to Thailand from January to March. This was reported by the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand. The international visits are [...]

Chinese travellers moving On?

It seems that there currently is a great slowdown in relation to the number of the arrivals of tourists from China, which could result in the triggering of the slowdown of the entire tourism for [...]

Phuket growth continuos

The Phuket Hotel Market is booming. Record highs in tourism are pushing growth considerably throughout 2016. So far more than 1.4-million passengers have come to the area from 31 different cities [...]