Front Desk

With the front desk module has an easy to use tape chart monthly overview where all rooms and guests can be managed from. It allows multiple guest folios to be opened with ‘drill down’ functions each booking can be managed.

Management can keep track of:

  • Reservations, check Ins & check outs
  •  Guest Details/ history, folio management, guest split stay, guest messages and tasks
  • Housekeeping

property management system
point of sales

Point Of Sales (POS)

The system allows you to create unlimited number of integrated Point of sales (POS).  It can manage your Restaurants, Spa’s, Gift shops, Mini Bars terminals from a simple computer with an internet connection. (touchscreen compatible) Items supported:

  • Suitable for F&B and Non F&B Billing
  • Menu definition, item categorization, item pricing, hot item Classification
  • Bill printing, table layout, posting to rooms


As the system is online, hotel can consider to centralize the reservation department in case of multiple hotels. Contract rates, seasons, packages and special period can be programmed. Reservation department can create:

  • FIT reservations, Group Reservations, Cooperate and Travel agent bookings
  • Manage multiple bookings at the same time
  • Interface with Hotels own booking engine

front office system

PMS Mobile App

Mobile technology is on its way to becoming an integral part of modern hospitality, and not just from the guest’s perspective. Hoteliers now can enjoy their PMS on the go and access relevant information via their mobile App. The mobile PMS allows you to:

  • Create reservations, Group Reservations
  • Check in/ check out guests, manage payments.
  • Take copy of guest ID and upload into guest profile.

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