The Google Zero-Click Search; A Threat or Opportunity for the Hoteliers?

A few years back, the relationship between Google and the small search markets used to be a ‘give and take’ Google provides the traffic, we provide the content. However, things have quickly changed. Now, nearly more than half of Google searches today end up with Zero clicks to the blogs, websites, or articles, especially in the hotel business.

In SEO, we could measure success in terms of visibility and rankings on the search engine. But all this isn’t very meaningful if the google searcher never lands on your website or blog. That’s all thanks to the fact that Google now provides users with the answers they are looking for on the page itself without the need to click and see the underlying content.

With that said, how can your hotel business benefit from this Zero-Click reality on Google? Read on to find out!

How to Get the Edge in Google’s Zero-Click Search?

On the surface level, this new Google strategy seems counterintuitive as it deprives the company the much-needed revenue through paid clicks. Why is Google still allowing the zero-click search to be the predominant result on the search engine? With advanced mobile technology and voice assistants, the need for relevant, ultra-fast, and straightforward answers is inevitable.

That means that the more relevant information is being delivered to the searcher as relevant zero-click answers and summaries via the Google assistant at the top. And where does google get these answers to provide the users with sufficient information? That’s where good website content and content marketing comes in.

Google Search adds

Google Zero clicksGoogle zero click Search

Google organic search1.    Useful Website Content

If you want to stay ahead in this Google zero-click reality, you need first to review the content on your website. Your content must be unique, relevant, and of editorial quality. It should answer the question ‘Why should I choose this property?’

That means your content should answer all significant concerns your customers might have. Also, you should provide detailed descriptions of the services and amenities in the property. Even better, your content should provide detailed information on any attractions, points of interest, and local events that may intrigue the visitors.

When you have rich deep content, Google will find answers for its zero-click SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) from your website.

2.    Content Marketing

The current crisis has created more room for content marketing which in real sense is way cheaper than the paid clicks. Content marketing strategies extend the answers about your property to the questions users may have when searching online.

Some of these initiatives include; brand positioning announcements, webinars, case studies, social media posts, expert knowledge marketing, and influencer marketing. Content marketing is engaging because it entices travel consumers at the panning and dreaming phase then creates ready-to-book customers.

3.    Frequently Asked Questions

In this era of mobile voice assistants and mobile search, the FAQ section has become a vital part of website content. FAQ carries structured content about the amenities, services, and location of the properties on your website.

Google and your potential guests will love such a nice collection of valuable information about your property. That’s because it makes it easier for them to find straightforward and well-formulated answers to questions the potential guests may have before making their booking decisions.

4.    Search Engine Optimization

The quality of your website SEO mainly influences the organic clicks on your website. When you optimize your hotel website, it will likely boost your ranking on the SERPs. That said, the leading SEO categories you should make your top priority as a hotelier marker include;

  • Inbound links; these are links from the non-paid highly authoritative websites to your hotel websites
  • Website content; unique, informative, and highly relevant travel guide-level quality content
  • The technical SEO; these are the processes and configurations that we implement to the website and server to increase your hotel website optimization on the google search engine.

Should Hoteliers Abandon the Paid Searches?

Now that 98% of Google searches end up with zero clicks, should the hoteliers abandon the paid searches? Well, the paid search is only evolving and not going anywhere soon. That means we now need to find more innovative ways of utilizing the Google paid search formats. That could be through Google Display Network Targeting, Google Ads, and Google Hotel Ads.

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