How To Boost Your Ranking On OTAs’ Sites

As an hotelier, you need to rank high on online travel agent’s (OTA) sites to constantly get customers. The higher you rank, the more customers or guests you will get in your accommodation [...]

Managing cost of Distribution channel

How Hotels Plan To Address Rising Acquisition Costs In 2019 Hoteliers have a host of challenges to overcome in 2019 and while some might chalk these issues to the same old stories of the past, [...]

Goolge remains the Biggest ?

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Competition of

It is hard to swallow the fact that your website has a strong competitor in And maybe sometimes people don’t even want to consider the facts. But it is good to get the facts. [...]

2017 New Era of Voice?

A new era of voice assistants could soon be redefining the current forms of SMS-based chat. While discussing the future of online travel, most of the major OTAs present at the recent Skift Global [...]

Google Take Over The Ota Industry?

Google is currently expanding its suite travel products, and the fact that the Internet giant is encroaching into the online travel space, has left other players in the industry concerned. [...]

4 tips to keep OTA guests coming back

Hotels will often allow themselves to become overly dependent on OTAs (also known as online travel agencies) to make their living and when this addiction starts to take place, hotels are left to [...]