Up your Game with Hotel Technology

How Hoteliers Can Up Their Game With Technology COVID-19 is the hottest topic globally because it has become a global pandemic is every sense. Wiping out lives, taking swipes at businesses, and causing economic figure to plummet, the virus seems to have only one motive – global destruction. The hospitality industry is one of the […]

Revenue Managers In The Wake Of COVID 19

The Challenges Faced By Revenue Managers In The Wake Of Corona Virus The emergence of the Corona Virus is taking its toll on lives, as well as businesses, and respite is not in sight yet. It has taken out up to 2,470 lives and about 79,000 people are already infected. (source: Johns Hopkins CSSE) Unfortunately, […]

Why we need a Virtual Revenue Assistant, a Buddy

Challenges With Hotel Revenue Management And Its Solutions These days, hotel revenue managers face difficulties in doing the core of their jobs. They are no longer able to create revenue opportunities. Now, they struggle to manage revenue because it usually comes from a lot of channels. What makes the situation worse is that many of […]

Phuket needs a “Mickey”

Over-tourism in Phuket – the Role of Destination management People are coming towards Phuket (Thailand) for tourism as it is considered as the prevalent vacationer destination. Do we need destination marketing companies and what should be their role? Role of the Destination Marketing Organization DMOs (Destination Marketing Organization) are serving the tourism industry by supplying […]

The Rise of Metasearch Engines

When the advertisers started spewing off about comparing hotel prices for your trips, no one thought such a gimmick could work. However, over the years TripAdvisor, GoogleAds and Trivago have created quite a soaring phenomenon. It is now believed that the majority of travelers have used at least one of the many comparison sites to […]

What should Hoteliers NOT DO

There are so many columns of advice telling business owners what they should be doing. We want to change this up and give you our advice of what NOT to do in the hotel business. We see some negative habits happening quite often and want to suggest that these are changed and made into a […]

Winning Strategy For Direct Bookings

Digitalization is growing in leaps and bounds. To this effect, the traveler’s customer journey is increasingly becoming complex. Independent hoteliers have to adjust their marketing strategy and technological efforts. As part of efforts to get travelers engaged and in turn, retain them as existing customers while they journey along, the OTAs have been making huge […]

How To Boost Your Ranking On OTAs’ Sites

As an hotelier, you need to rank high on online travel agent’s (OTA) sites to constantly get customers. The higher you rank, the more customers or guests you will get in your accommodation facility. So, this article gives a few important tips on how to rank high among OTAs. However, before talking about how to […]

Managing cost of Distribution channel

How Hotels Plan To Address Rising Acquisition Costs In 2019 Hoteliers have a host of challenges to overcome in 2019 and while some might chalk these issues to the same old stories of the past, finding ways to acquire guests that are less costly is a primary objective. While OTAs are continuing to grow and […]

Google Hotel Room Booking

Google is taking its ambition to dominate the accommodation sector to a whole new level through the introduction of a new feature called the Room Booking Module or RBM to its product Google Hotel Ads. This new feature will show hotel room prices, photos, and any other relevant information. Why is Google Launching Room Booking […]

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